Hi. My name is Matt.

My wife, Heidi, and I were married in 2005. She is the joy of my life and she shapes me more every day by her faithfulness, her prayer life, and her incredible gift with people. She is far more loving than I could ever hope to be.

Matt family pic 2017-2 (2)We have three sons. Nolan is 9 going on 79. Grady is 6 and will probably have the spunk of a 6 year old most of his life. And Jonathan is 2 just trying to endure the rag doll life he has with two older brothers. “The boys” as we call them, are a little bit nuts but the greatest of all blessings for Heidi and I. It’s hard to imagine our lives without these three little ones running wild around us.

Beginning in July 2017 my family and I began a new adventure with Time to Revive based out of Dallas, Texas. We live in Tipp City, Ohio and work to unite churches across denominational lines for the sake of sharing Christ with their communities. I am working with churches across Ohio as we seek to spark a new spiritual awakening in our nation by equipping people to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ right where they live.

Before serving with TTR (known as reviveOHIO locally) I served as the Lead Pastor of Grand Lake United Methodist Church. My family and I served in Celina from 2010 to 2017. Prior to my time at Grand Lake I also worked in ministry positions including youth ministry and adult discipleship for a number of years. It has been a beautiful journey. I am not in the place or situation I ever expected, but it has been far better than anything I had planned because God has been in it. (For the two people that will ever read this and care about my educational background…I graduated from Asbury Theological Seminary with an M.Div. and I have a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.)

Just for the record, I am not an expert on anything. I didn’t start this blog because I think I have any kind of grand wisdom to offer to the world. I don’t. I just figured that if sharing the ways God is stretching me could somehow be a blessing to someone else, that’s great. Even if this blog is only a way for me to process my own learnings, that’s fine too.

I am a pretty boring guy actually. I love my wife, I absolutely love being a dad, and I have been trying to follow God’s call in ministry since he first nudged my heart in 9th grade. I am just learning to trust Jesus step by step…